What Homemade Dinner Classics Can I Make For A Family Gathering?

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There is nothing like homemade dinner classics or as some people call them, comfort food. When we think of dinner classics or comfort food, we envision meals that give you a warm feeling that has plenty of flavors. Dinner classics can range from meatloaf and mashed potatoes to fried fish. If you want to skip the old barbeque standby, then there are plenty of options that will satisfy your dinner crowd. If you are planning to prepare a meal for a family gathering, you should also have an alternative main dish for those that may not enjoy your selection for the meal. This is also a smart move if you are not sure if there are food allergies to be concerned about. For your alternate meal, you may want to select a safe option such as chicken.

For your main course you can choose from a variety of options, but for a family gathering, you should prepare a meal that can be made in large quantities. Red beans and rice are a great option for a family gathering. It is inexpensive to buy the ingredients to create the dish, moreover, can be made in large quantities. Red beans and rice is packed with flavor and will add a little spice to the gathering. Red beans and rice have been considered a classic Southern comfort food dish for many years. It can be easily made and will have your guests going back for second helpings.

Another idea for a family gathering is a hearty lasagna. This classic Italian dinner combines several types of cheeses and wide sections of pasta baked in what is usually a classic marinara meat sauce. Lasagna can be made in large portions and is a meal that most people love. Lasagna can also be made without meat for those that prefer a vegetarian option. It is not as cost effective as some dinner classics, but it will certainly create a fabulous family get-together dinner that everyone will love. Another bonus that comes with preparing large portions of lasagna is the fact that if you refrigerate the leftovers they will be even tastier the next day. Lasagna can also be cut into sections and frozen for a quick, easy meal on nights where you may not have time to prepare a meal.

There are so many delicious options when it comes to classic dinners for a family gathering. This is just a few suggestions to get you thinking about what direction you would like to take as far as style and quantity. If you have time to check with your guests before the event you should ask them if they like the meal you are contemplating. If you unable to check with them first, having the backup option will be a relief for both parties. Be sure to also include some complementary side dishes to go with the main course. With a bit of preparation, you will be able to create an amazing homemade dinner classics that will be the talk of future gatherings.

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