Is it bad to choose going out to eat or would it be better to have a home cooked meal?

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Restaurants have found their way into American society. It is not common for a small family to go out to eat two to three times a week. Who could blame them? With how many restaurants there are to choose from, I find it hard for myself to not be out every night looking for a different establishment to try out. Some of the best nights I have had are with a group of friends or close family members laughing around a table and someone serving us. A good beer and a burger is where I am in my happy place or even finding myself at multicultural restaurants like Thai, Mexican or Italian cuisines. It gets even better that I don't have to prepare my own food and the best part is that I have nothing afterwords that I have to clean up. But going out to eat has its downfalls as well. It can be expensive living off of a small salary or if a family has numerous amount of mouths to feed. It is also arguable that going out takes away from family time at the house and leads to distance problems. In my opinion though, there are ways to get around these issues and still be able to enjoy myself with this American tradition.

I have had the misfortune of living off of a college budget that was held together by a measly part time job. It was during this poor time in my life that I discovered value menu's at restaurants. I know that sounds lame to most people but it was some of the best bonding time that I had with my roommates. It is hard to vouch for the quality of food I found at fast food type restaurants but the memories of the simplicity will always be with me. Sitting in a McDonalds or a Burger King made me feel like I was able to be free and because of this care free setting I have had some of the best conversations in my life. Talking about problems in our lives or in the world around us made me and my friends become much closer to one another, and isn't that what it's all about?

The argument that going out to eat takes away from family time is a good thing to take into consideration. In our fast paced society it is hard to catch a break and be with the ones we love. I am in full agreement of staying around the house and taking the time to be with one another. But stress levels caused by the fast pace society we live in has a good alternative. Deciding to take the family out to pizza for the night can be one of the best things a they do together all week. Try to imagine for me a family out to pizza and no one is smiling. It is hard to imagine because it rarely happens.

So when faced with the decision to go out to eat or stay at home, my opinion would be to go out to eat. There are many options to choose from and even more memories to be made when you want to have a good time with friends and family.

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